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Campers is a satirical Online Multiplayer First Person Shooter.

It's based around the idea that in any multiplayer shooter will have "campers"- players who just sit in one spot and shoot anything that moves.

This game relies on your ability to blend in with the environment and sneak around unseen. You play as a tent in a busy campsite. Your goal is to stay alive for as long as you can whilst getting the most kills. When you die, you return to the menu screen- there's no respawn!

The player can choose between two types of tent- large and small. The large tent has more health and starting ammo, but moves slower and has more difficulty travelling through parts of the environment. The small tent has less health and starting ammo but moves faster and is more agile. Both styles of tent have two colour schemes to choose from. The tents are also quite light, so be careful you don't blow away when launching off of hills and objects!

The tents shoot wooden pegs at each other. There are ammo pickups throughout the map, which look like bundles of rope.

You move with W/A/S/D and shoot with space. The mouse has no function whatsoever except for in the menus.

Currently, as this game is still in development, there is a maximum of 20 users for the game at any one point. Rooms will be introduced soon, once I've finished my exams.


Sometimes if you try to join a game i.e. select one of the tents in the menu, the game will lock up. It's a bug i'm looking into but have no idea what's causing it right now. The temporary fix is to restart the game.


  • Add a room system to allow for more players and matches with friends
  • Add customisable player names
  • Add a timed-match mode with respawn (?)
  • Fix the freezing issue

I'm a currently a university student, graduating this year. Campers was developed for my Game Dev module, and is the first game i've ever made. I know there's lots to improve on, so any and all feedback is appreciated (although if it's a known issue written in this description, then I'm already planning on fixing it).


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